Web design

I've been coding websites for about 10 years and have recently developed skills in front-end programming to enable me to produce some pretty sophisticated and functional websites and web apps.

My history in design and psychology has enabled me to websites with high visual appeal and intuitive user experience. As I'm also experienced in writing and publishing articles in journals, I'm also pretty good at copy-editing too.

  • <>

    I've been writing pages in HTML for yonks and have lots of experience throwing together simple webpages.

  • .

    As a design nerd, I know a great deal of .css and can write neat stylesheets to pretty up a website no problem

  • { }

    My recently-developed javascript knowledge has allowed me to make some functional websites, and do so using the latest (ES6/7) syntax.

  • React.js

    My javascript framework of choice, I write all my web apps (including this website) in React.js; Facebook's javascript framework.